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Attend Live Mentor Sessions every week, learn how to analyze financials, make projections, value companies, and collaborate with thousands of other investors.


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Our mentors have decades’ worth of investing experience between them, professional certifications, and years of outperforming the market. Their love for finance and investing translates into hours of preparation for each Live Mentor Session to ensure that every person walks away with a new tool on their investing tool belt. YOU get to ask questions during the session and you can ask them anything in Discord as well!


Engage and share with our awesome members

We have cultivated a culture that encourages learning from others and paying it forward to new Members. From our #investing-lessons-learned chat to our #community-research chat, you’ll receive significant value from others in the group. We have biotech professionals, software developers, retail workers, blockchain architects, FAANG employees, restaurant owners. This group is bigger than any one of us!


Access tools that will help you grow as an investor

Ask our mentors questions. Get access to exclusive content such as unlisted videos from Matthew Huo’s channel. Make connections with a diverse group of individuals in our Discord server who are all working towards their personal investment goals.


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