We’re the Investor Community

The Investor Community was created to help beginner investors become independent investors who are confident in their own research and investments.

Our Mission

As Matthew often says, “If I become obsolete, my mission is accomplished.” In other words, if our members no longer need to rely on someone else to provide them research and investment ideas, they have become an independent investor. Our goal is to help everyone get to that point.


Investor Community Timeline

Matthew Huo is the founder of Investor Community. In 2020, he started an investing-related YouTube channel to bring more awareness to the power of investing, and also to document his own investing journey. The channel quickly grew to over 100,000 subscribers within the next year as he posted heavily researched videos regarding his individual stock picks.

Dec 2018

Matthew starts his investing journey

Aug 2019

Begins studying business/finance at Northeastern University

Mar 2020

Matthew’s YouTube Channel is born

Jun 2020

Launches a Patreon and Discord

Feb 2021

Reaches 100K subscribers on Youtube

May 2021

Matthew’s Patreon evolves into the Investor Community

May 2021

Matthew recruits Mentors Kevin and Nick to bring professional expertise for weekly live lessons

Jul 2021

Matthew goes full-time on YouTube!

Having invested his own money since 2018, Matthew has enough experience to share valuable lessons for any beginner investor. However, he knew that if he really wanted to change people’s lives, he also needed to surround himself with people who had decades of experience and professional expertise. Thus, the Investor Community was born.

Matthew has a genuine passion for sharing knowledge and helping others. This can be seen in his hands-on approach to the Investor Community Discord and his YouTube channel. He engages with his members in one-on-one conversations, hand selects the Mentors who teach live lessons, and is always thinking of new ways to bring value to our members.

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